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                     "In a perfect world, every puppy would have a home and every home would have a puppy!"


Countryside Puppies will help you find that fantastic puppy that you are searching for. We list all breeds of puppies so if you can't find the breed that you are looking for check back soon as our site is updated frequently.  The breeders that we advertise for are all located in Pennsylvania and Maryland.  Our breeders are experienced, local breeders selling quality puppies.  Most of the puppies on this site come with shots and dewormings, registration papers if stated and you will receive a guarantee of health. If you would like to purchase a puppy but you can't travel to the breeder's home, shipping arrangements can be made.
Thank you for taking the time to look at all our wonderful puppies!

**Please remember-- Countryside Puppies is an advertising company only. You are buying the puppy directly from the breeder that is listed with each litter. **

 **Below are our most popular breeds. Please click on the picture of the breed that you are interested in and you will be able to view all of the puppies available of that breed. Available puppies that do not fit into these catagories will be listed further down the page.**

  Akita puppies  Australian Cattle Dog puppies  Boston Terrier puppies
Akita                         Australian Cattle Dog         Boston Terrier

Boxer puppies Chihuahua puppies Cock-a-poo puppies
Boxer                            Chihuahua                 Cock-a-poo

Cute mixes English Bulldog puppies English Springer Spaniel puppies
         Cute Mixes                English Bulldog         English Springer Spaniel

German Shepherd puppies Jack Russell puppies Jack Russell mix
German Shepherd              Jack Russell               Jack Russell mix  

Labrador Retreiver puppies Mini Rottweiler puppies Pug puppies
Labrador Retreiver               Mini Rottweiler                      Pug      

Rottweiler puppies Shetland Sheepdog puppies Yorkie mixes
  Rottweiler               Shetland Sheepdog           Yorkie mixes 


Boston/Lab mix puppies

Toby-male Tucker-male Tank-male
Toby-male-sold        Tucker-male           Tank-male

Tixie-female Tina-female
Trixie-female              Tina-female-sold

Timmy-male Teddy-male
Timmy-male              Teddy-male-sold

The mom of these cute puppies is a small Lab mix and the dad is a Boston Terrier. The puppies were born on 9/14 and will be ready to go on 11/9. The puppies have been given their shots and deworming. They also come with a guarantee of health. The puppies are $200 each.For more information about these wonderful puppies please contact the Zook family at 717-548-3344. (the puppies live in Drumore PA)


Miniature Poodle puppy
Holly- female-sold

Morkie Puppies

Mary-female  Joseph-male
Mary-female                 Joseph-male

These sweet puppies are a mix of a Maltese and a Yorkie. This breed sheds very little or not at all.  They would be a great addition to any home. The puppies were born on 9/22 and are ready to go anytime. They have had their shots and deworming. They also come with a health guarantee. Bennie King is asking $425 for each puppy and he can be reached at 717-529-7506.  (the puppies live in Nottingham PA)


Great Pyrenees Puppies

Patch-male Pepsi-male Prince-male
Patch-male            Pepsi-male         Prince-male

This breed of dog is bred to guard farm animals like sheep and chickens. They will be very big when full grown. The puppies were born on 8/20 and are ready to go anytime. They were given their shots and deworming. Amos Zook is asking $650 for each puppy and he can be contacted at 717-284-0466. (the puppies live in Pequea PA)